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Aramaic, Modern Dictionary & Phrasebook
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Aramaic, Modern Dictionary & Phrasebook

by Nicholas Awde, Nineb Lamassu & Nicholas Al-Jeloo

ISBN10: 0781810876
ISBN13: 9780781810876
Pages: 300Width: 4.00 inches.
Publication Date: 6/2007Height: 7.50 inches.


The enormous success of Mel Gibson's film, The Passion of the Christ, has reignited interest in the Aramaic language, gaining it worldwide recognition as the language spoken by Jesus Christ and the Apostles.   Today, the language is very much alive, and has over four hundred thousand speakers.  Also called Assyrian or Syriac, it is primarily spoken by the Assyrian peoples in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Turkey, and can also be heard in Assyrian emigre communities such as those in the U.S., Europe, and Australia.

Of the dialects that comprise Modern Aramaic, Swadaya (Eastern) and Turoyo (Western) are the most commonly used.  This unique dictionary and phrasebook incorporates both, helpfully illustrating the most relevant differences between the two.  No previous knowledge of the Aramaic writing system is necessary-- the book provides an easy-to-read romanization of all Aramaic text. The phrasebook contains a comprehensive selection of essential expressions and words, organized by situation for easy reference. A pronunciation guide allows the reader to speak clearly and understandably. 

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