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Poland - An Illustrated History
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Poland - An Illustrated History

by Iwo Cyrpian Pogonowski

ISBN10: 0781812003
ISBN13: 9780781812009
Pages: 273Width: 5.00 inches.
Publication Date: 12/2008Height: 7.00 inches.
Revised Edition 


"An important contribution to a better understanding of Polish history, which demonstrates in a vivid fashion the historical vicissitudes of that major European nation."
- Dr. Zbigniev Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to President Carter

An ideal reference source for every serious student of history. Pogonowski takes the reader on a fascinating tour of Poland through the ages."
-Polish Heritage

Poland's remarkable quest for representative government, one of the oldest in modern Europe, is presented here against the backdrop of a millennium of history rich in cultural, political, and social events. These topics - complimented with polish art, literature, music, architecture, and folklore - are intimately described in this concise volume, which also includes 50 photos, illustrations, and maps.

This edition has been updated with 16 pages of color photos and 8 pages of coat of arms

About the author(s)

Iwo Cyprian Pogonowski, a lexicographer-writer in Blacksburg, Virginia, has studied in Poland and Belgium, as well as at the University of Tennessee. He is the author of Jews in Poland: A Documentary History, also published by Hippocrene Books.

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