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Shanghainese-English/English-Shanghianese Dictionary & Phrasebook
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Shanghainese-English/English-Shanghianese Dictionary & Phrasebook

by Richard VanNess Simmons

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ISBN13: 9780781812610
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With more than 14 million speakers, Shanghainese is the most widespread member of the Wu family of Chinese dialects and the predominant language of the city of Shanghai and the Yangzi River delta.
Distinct from and mutually unintelligible with the “official” Chinese dialect of Mandarin, Shanghainese is experiencing a revival both within Shanghai and throughout central China. Used in business deals, cultural activities and daily social interactions, Shanghainese is one of the most important dialects spoken in China and essential for visitors who want to experience Shanghai fully.

This concise, portable reference includes all the essential language a traveler needs, phonetically rendered in a way that is intuitive to English speakers. The bilingual dictionary includes carefully-selected vocabulary, and the phrasebook allows instant communication on everyday topics like dining, accommodations, and sightseeing.
  • 4,000 dictionary entries
  • Phrasebook covers all the major categories of everyday communication
  • Concise grammar and pronunciation sections
  • Perfect for travelers, businesspeople, and students

About the author(s)

Richard VanNess Simmons is professor of Chinese language, linguistics, and literature at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. His publications include Chinese Dialect Classification—A Comparative Approach to Harngjou, Old Jintarn, and Common Northern Wu (1999), Issues in Chinese Dialect Description and Classification (1999), Chinese Dialect Geography: Distinguishing Mandarin and Wu in Their Boundary Region (2006), and Handbook for Lexicon Based Dialect Fieldwork (2006). He resides in central New Jersey.

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