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Dictionary of 1,000 Chinese Idioms Revised Edition
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Dictionary of 1,000 Chinese Idioms Revised Edition

by Marjorie Lin and Schalk Leonard

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ISBN10: 078181278X
ISBN13: 9780781812788
Pages: 196Width: 6.00 inches.
Publication Date: 2/2012Height: 9.00 inches.
Revised Edition 


Four-character idioms, also known as chengyu, are key components of the Chinese language and culture, many conveying important lessons and social values that stretch back over 3,000 years of Chinese history.

In this essential book, the authors have selected 1,000 of the most frequently used idioms, alphabetized them by their pronunciation in pinyin, and provided both the original Chinese and English translations of the literal and metaphoric meanings.  This is an absolutely essential book for any student of Chinese who wishes to understand the important nuances of meaning that pervade the language and culture.
New features in this edition include:
  • Entries that employ both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, so that students may be comfortable with and recognize each
  • Pinyin transliterations, with tone marks
  • A new introduction by the authors

Revised Edition

About the author(s)

Marjorie Lin is a graduate of Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan and works as a professional Chinese-English translator and Chinese language instructor.  Schalk Leonard is a professional Chinese-English translator.  They reside in the Pacific Northwest.

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