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Greek-English/English-Greek Dictionary & Phrasebook
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Greek-English/English-Greek Dictionary & Phrasebook

by Hippocrene Books

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ISBN10: 0781812720
ISBN13: 9780781812726
Pages: 238Width: 3.75 inches.
Publication Date: 2/2012Height: 7.50 inches.


Greece has drawn international travelers since antiquity, and now attracts more than 16 million visitors every year. With its stunning classical ruins and world-famous archaeological sites, Greece is a unique window to the ancient world. Its fishing villages and idyllic islands set against the deep blue Agean Sea also offer visitors unparalleled natural beauty and a range of vacation experiences—from tranquil beaches to energetic nightlife.

Modern Greek is the official language of Greece and Cyprus, and is spoken by over 13 million people in those countries and by the worldwide Greek diaspora.
This concise, portable reference meets the traveler’s essential language needs. The bilingual dictionary includes carefully selected vocabulary with phonetic pronunciation for Greek words. The phrasebook allows instant communication on everyday topics like dining, accommodations, transportation, and sightseeing.
·         4,000 dictionary entries
·         Includes all the essential language travelers need
·         Concise grammar and pronunciation sections
·         Perfect for travelers, businesspeople, and students

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