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Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook
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Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook

by Michaela Burilkovova

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Visitors to Bulgaria can enjoy a wide range of activities, from relaxing at Black Sea resorts and natural thermal spas, to athletic pursuits like skiing, swimming, and horseback riding. Bulgaria’s incredible biodiversity has led to a growing eco-tourism trend, and nature enthusiasts revel in the hiking trails, cycling tours, mountaineering, and bird watching opportunities.

 Although not much larger than the state of Tennessee, Bulgaria is home to nine UNESCO World Heritage sites. Incredibly diverse, they range from antiquity, such as the Thracian Kazanluk Tomb, to medieval, including the famous Rila Monastery, and recent conservation efforts like Pirin National Park. The sites can be seen as a timeline of Bulgaria’s struggles and conquest by Alexander the Great and the Byzantine and Ottoman empires, to the modern nation now a part of NATO and the EU.

A concise reference perfect for travelers, businesspeople, and students, the Bulgarian Dictionary & Phrasebook has all the essential Bulgarian you’ll need during your stay. The phrasebook covers topics such as customs, travel arrangements, dining, and shopping.

  • Over 3,000 dictionary entries, both in Cyrillic and Romanized form
  • Basic grammar and pronunciation guides
  • Short history of Bulgaria



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Michaela Burilkovova

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