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Dictionary of 1000 Chinese Proverbs: Revised Edition
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Dictionary of 1000 Chinese Proverbs: Revised Edition

by Marjorie Lin and Schalk Leonard

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ISBN10: 0781812968
ISBN13: 9780781812962
Pages: 248Width: 6.00 inches.
Publication Date: 10/2012Height: 9.00 inches.
Revised Edition 


This book is an indispensable tool for students interested in mastering the subleties and nuances of the Chinese language. In this new edition, the authors have updated and reformatted their popular collection of 1,000 of the most illuminating and frequently used Chinese proverbs.

Organized alphabetically by pinyin transliteration, the proverbs in this volume are not only translated into clear, idiomatic English, but also rendered into both traditional and simplified Chinese characters.

New features in this edition include:

- Simplified and traditional character renderings of each proverb

- A new introduction by the authors

- An English index of key terms

- A concordance of key Chinese characters, for easy reference


About the author(s)

Marjorie Lin is a graduate of Providence University in Taichung, Taiwan and works as a professional Chinese-English translator and Chinese language instructor. Schalk Leonard is a professional Chinese-English translator. They reside in the Pacific Northwest.

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